The grand Auto Expo 2023 saw Tata Motors, the biggest mobility and auto solutions company in India, introduce a stunning range of greener, safer, and smarter vehicles and concepts, crafted to revolutionise mobility at a personal level, for people, and for cargo.

Tata Motors showcased the biggest stall at the 16th edition of the Indian Auto Expo 2023, launching a wide range of electric vehicles, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicle segments.

At the event, the company made its mark by displaying commercial vehicles powered by green mobility solutions such as battery electric vehicle technology, hydrogen fuel cell technology, hydrogen internal combustion engine, LNG and CNG.

The Auto Expo also brought to light Tata Motors’ vision of ‘Moving India forward’. The idea is to help India’s commercial vehicle sector embrace clean and green mobility, decarbonise, and achieve the net zero target by 2045.

Tata Motors showcased a number of clean commercial vehicles at the event - Intra pick-ups and Yodha, powered by V20 Bi-Fuel and CNG, with a claimed range of 600 km, Starbus EV, Magic EV, Ace EV, and Prima G.35K tipper, which is our country’s first heavy duty tipper running on LNG.

In addition, the mega event witnessed Tata Motors introducing their hydrogen fuel cell and internal combustion technology and vehicles. The commercial vehicles showcased run on propulsion technologies, including CNG, battery-electric, flex fuel, hydrogen combustion engine, and hydrogen fuel cell.

PRIMA E.55S, the first long-range cargo truck running on hydrogen fuel cell concept, Starbus hydrogen fuel cell electric bus, and PRIMA H.55S, the company’s first concept truck powered by hydrogen internal combustion engine, were the stars at the event.

With the Indian automobile industry heading towards the second phase of Bharat Stage VI (BS6) norms, the next phase of norms through RDE (Real Driving Emissions) is slated to be launched by 1st April 2023. Owing to an increasing policy push towards green mobility solutions, marked by the onset of stringent emission control norms, a range of safer, smarter, and greener vehicles and concepts were unveiled at the Auto Expo 2023.

Tata Motors believes that hydrogen will hold immense potential as a fuel in the coming years. In fact, they have already received an order from Indian Oil for their Starbus, powered by hydrogen fuel cell. The order will be delivered in the next financial year. Tata Motors stated that hydrogen can help achieve the net zero target and pave the way to clean mobility.