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Tata Motors Finance Teams Across India Join Forces to Chart Future Growth Trajectory, Exemplifying the Spirit of Dream, Dare, Deliver

In pursuit of remarkable growth and success in the upcoming fiscal year, TMF teams across India assembled together at the Annual Business Conference 2023 to chart a strategic trajectory roadmap for FY-2024.

This momentous event was marked by the spirit of Dream, Dare, and Deliver, as teams joined forces to exemplify a powerful synergy, combining their knowledge, skills, and passion to strengthen the organization.

The event was honored by the esteemed presence of Nasser Munjee, Independent Director, and Chairman of Tata Motors Finance; Dhiman Gupta, Non-Executive Director; and P.B. Balaji, Non-Executive Director and Group CFO of Tata Motors Limited.Their valuable insights, wisdom, and expertise greatly contributed to shaping the future of Tata Motors Finance.

The Annual Business Conference 2023 served as a platform for teams to share innovative ideas, foster collaboration, and forge a resilient path for Growth, Quality, and Profitability driven future.

Additionally, valuable knowledge sharing opportunities enabled exploration of diverse strategies to dream big, embrace calculated risks, and ultimately achieve the goals set for this fiscal and the year ahead.

Here are the Key Highlights from the Insightful Sessions

"As we stride forward into FY24, our path will be defined by unwavering commitment to build quality portfolio, achieving consistent monthly IRR, cross-selling excellence, a culture of accountability, robust collection management, and the audacity to dream bigger, embracing calculated risks to deliver extraordinary outcomes.We fully recognize that the future will witness rapid technological advancements in digital lending, and we stand ready to harness the power of these innovations to propel us forward."

–Samrat Gupta, MD & CEO, Tata Motors Finance

“The road to FY24 is filled with opportunities to grow and expand further.By better engagement with customers, driving channels, and expanding through new products and last-mile reach, we aim for growing the book with a laser sharp focus on quality, profitability, and process simplification. Pacing ahead, we endeavor to scale our footprint across geographies, boost our digital lending capabilities, and strengthen our relationships with all our dealer partners and customers. Moreover, we intend to ensure avenues for improving profitability and aligning deal pricing with risk and operational expenses as our key priorities."

Anand Bang, COO - Sales & Marketing,Tata Motors Finance
Mr. Anand Bang
Mr. Vinu Nair

“Pacing into FY24 with a strong momentum, our focus cements on 4R's - Reset goals, Readjust strategies, Refocus alignment, Restart relentless pursuit of collections efficiencies and processes. Synergy amongst teams will play a pivotal role in implementing a robust and impactful collections strategy across verticals. In our pursuit to excellence in collections, we are sharpening our arsenal to Dream, Dare and Deliver. We are enforcing decisive legal actions through trigger-based litigations to combat chronic defaulters. We are embracing innovation; we are transitioning to a Man & Machine collections model with an effective use of AI and ML to optimize digital collection toolsalong with our formidable field force.”

Vinu Nair, COO - Regions & Collections, Tata Motors Finance

“Technology is the driving force propelling TMF into FY24 and beyond.In this era of innovation, remarkable digital offerings like fuel loans hold immense potential for growth and scalability across all commercial vehicle segments. By integrating cutting-edge technology, we are revolutionizing our operations across all fronts, empowering our business teams in sales management, credit, and collections. Moreover, the technology transformation will enable TMF to introduce digital capabilities such as self-customer onboarding, enhance customer loyalty, ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders involved for years ahead."

Neeloy Majumder, COO– Technology, Tata Motors Finance
Neeloy Majumder
Amit Mittal

"Our trajectory into FY-24 is signified by our strategic shift towards Pivot to Quality, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are committed to further strengthening the implementation of robust scorecards, exploring alternate counteroffer mechanisms on deals, and fostering swift decision-making processes to forge a formidable competitive edge."

– Amit Mittal,Chief Risk & Strategy Officer, Tata Motors Finance

"As we propel forward, we are actively reinforcing our core basics by implementing efficient processes, ensuring proper documentation, and taking prompt actions. We are Empowering ourselves through continuous training, deploying fraud proofing mechanisms, conducting thorough evaluations, and fortifying our Business Continuity Plan, building a sustainable model inclined at quality and profitability.”

–Rohit Sarda, Chief Credit & Collection Officer (CCCO), Tata Motors Finance
Rohit Sarda

At the TMF Annual Business conference, the assemblage collectively reaffirmed its commitment to the shared vision, setting the stage for a successful journey towards FY-2024.

The conference was a dynamic convergence of energy and enthusiasm, ignited by impactful keynote addresses, engaging interactive sessions, invigorating team building activities, and invaluable knowledge exchanges.

With courage to dream big and with dedication to purposeful delivery, there are no limits to what can be accomplished.

As Tata Motors Finance forges ahead, the spirit of "Dream, Dare, Deliver" will continue to resonate, urging the teams to push the organizational frontiers and achieve extraordinary feats through unwavering determination.

TMF Annual Business conference