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1. What is EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment)?

EMI is Equated Monthly Instalment. It is a fixed amount to be paid by a borrower to the lender at a specified date each month. Every EMI comprises of principal and interest component which can be viewed in the Repayment Schedule

2. What is a Repayment Schedule?

Repayment schedule is a table that provides the amount of each Instalment, due dates and breakup between principal and interest components. It also provides balance principal at every stage of instalment

3. Where can I see the complete Grievance Redressal Policy of Tata Motors Finance?

Please visit our website www.tmf.co.in Or click https://bit.ly/2P6z3OF to directly view the same

4. Where can I get information about the Ombudsman Scheme?

Please visit our website www.tmf.co.in Or click https://bit.ly/3dX7bGI to directly view the same. The view the detailed scheme, please click https://bit.ly/3kwTj7m

5. What are the various channels to communicate with TMF in case you have any queries or concerns?

Toll free: 1800-209-0188 (Monday-Saturday 9am to 7pm)

WhatsApp: 7700910888

Email:  customercare@tmf.co.in

TMF website : www.tmf.co.in

Mobile App. Android phone users: https://goo.gl/n9JRAH & iPhone users:  https://apple.co/33bqrsD

Branch:  Click https://bit.ly/2P1zJF7 to locate your nearest branch

Important Note: For security reasons, pls call /email ONLY from your registered mobile number/email address

6. How do I change my mobile number /email ID in your records?

Please download “KYC Change Form” and submit the same at your nearest branch along with 1 valid photo identity proof. Click http://bit.ly/3r93T72 to download the form.
Valid Photo Identity proof : PAN Card, Permanent Driving Licence, Voter’s Identity Card, Valid Passport,Aadhaar Card
Alternately, if you have your current registered mobile # as well as the new mobile # with you, you can update on our mobile app. Android phone users: https://goo.gl/n9JRAH & iPhone users: https://apple.co/33bqrsD Or website: www.tmf.co.in

7. How do I change my address? What are the valid KYC documents required for an address change?

Please download “KYC Change Form” and submit the same at your nearest branch along with 1 valid photo identity proof & 1 valid address proof. Click http://bit.ly/3r93T72 to download the form.
Valid Photo Identity proof : PAN Card, Permanent Driving Licence, Voter’s Identity Card, Valid Passport,Aadhaar Card
Valid Address Proof Documents: Permanent Driving Licence, Valid Passport, Voter’s Identity Card, Utility bills, Aadhaar Card, Latest property of Municipal Tax receipt, Letter of allotment of accommodation from employer issued by State or Central Government departments, statutory or regulatory bodies, public sector undertakings, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions and listed companies

8. How do I locate the nearest TMF Branch?

Click here https://bit.ly/2P1zJF7 to locate your nearest TMF branch

9. When will I get my Welcome kit? What are the contents?

Welcome Kit will be sent on your registered mailing address once your loan is incepted. It contains: Welcome letter; Repayment schedule; loan account summary, standard copy of loan agreement along with a booklet which has important information that you need to know about your loan account (E.g.: fees/charges, insurance, TDS etc.)
You can also access the kit on the website post login OR on the mobile app. Android phone users: https://goo.gl/n9JRAH & iPhone users: https://apple.co/33bqrsD

10. Where & by when do I get my Registration Certificate (RC)? Do I need to submit a copy of the RC?

The RC copy needs to be collected from the RTO. Post vehicle registration, it is important that you submit a TMF hypothecated RC copy to us through Mobile App 'Customer Care' tab under 'Contact Us''

11. What is CKYC?

CKYC is a 14 digit number which is linked with the customer's ID proof. As per regulatory guidelines, KYC details of customers are submitted to a central depository. This data is safely stored in electronic format. The document submitted is then verified with the issuer. All the concerned institutions are notified whenever there is a change in the KYC details of Customer

12. What are the payment options available to repay my loan?

The most preferred mode of payment is NACH (National Automated Clearing House). We encourage customers to register for NACH to enjoy a hassle free & convenient mode to repay your loan(s).
Additionally, we also have online mode of payments, refer Q2 for details
Cheque favouring TATA Motors Finance Limited Loan # XXXXXXXXXXX or TATA Motors Finance Solutions limited loan # XXXXXXXXXXX(mention your 10 digit loan account number)
Cash: by visiting your nearest branch. Pls note: per day cash deposit against 1 BP is Rs.1.99Lacs

13. What are the various online mode of payments?

UPI (Unified Payment Interface) - Pay our Mobile App/website using the UPI payment option. To view demo, click https://bit.ly/3cqa9lw OR pay using any UPI app issued by your bank / BHIM. Simply create your ID and pay by entering TMFL VPA “tmfl@sc”. (Mention your 10 digit loan number to ensure the payment is credited to your account)
NEFT/RTGS: Refer Q3 for more details
Bill Desk Gateway: Logon to www.tmf.co.in or on our Mobile App & click on 'Pay EMI' option. Select 'Bill Desk Gateway' option and use your debit card / Internet banking to pay.
Note: Once payment is made successfully, credit will reflect in your loan a/c within 24 hrs

14. How do I transfer funds through net banking to make my payments?

Login to the website of your bank account, you can do a fund transfer through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS towards your loan account with us. Details of our banks are:

Bank Name - Axis Bank
Beneficiary Name : Tata Motors Finance Ltd
Beneficiary Account number : TMFLTD__________(10 digit loan account number)

Beneficiary Name : Tata Motors Finance Solutions Ltd
Beneficiary Account number : TMFSOL__________(10 digit loan account number)

Note: Once the payment is made successfully, credit will reflect in your loan a/c within 24 hrs

15. Do you accept payments via credit card?

We do not accept payments via credit card

16. What is the Turn Around time (TAT) for the credit to reflect in my loan account?

Online payments - Within 24-48 hours
Cheque payments: 4 working days for local cheques, 10-12 working days for outstation cheques
Cash payments: 24 hours

17. I have made a payment. However, its not reflecting in my loan account?

If your payment is not reflecting on your loan account post the TAT mentioned in Q5, pls share a soft copy of your till date Bank statement with the first page which has the debit of the said payment

18. How do I request for the refund of the excess payment made by me?

To process the refund of the excess amount lying in your loan account, email us at customercare@tmf.co.in (from registered email ID) along with the scanned copy of the cancelled cheque.

Note: Refund would be given in the name in which the loan agreement is booked with us.
Refund would be adjusted towards any outstanding balance, if any, in the loan account.

19. How do I claim refund of the TDS paid by me?

Submit the original TDS certificate on time(Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly) to your nearest TMF Branch. Last date for submission for yearly deduction is 31st August for the financial year gone by. Make sure that the amount deducted is reflected in TRACES website and File the TDS return quarterly within the timelines stipulated in the IT Act so that the deposit is reflected in TRACES website.

Note: Refund/credit would be given in the name in which the loan agreement is booked with us.
Refunds would be adjusted towards any outstanding balance, if any, in the loan account.
TDS certificate(s) received after 31st August of the following financial year will not be entertained under any circumstances for processing refund/credit.

Pls ensure you capture the name of the company, PAN details of the company correctly. Refer details provided below:
TATA Motors Finance Limited: Pan no: AAECS0591F
TATA Motors Finance Solutions Limited: Pan no: AAACR7043R

20. What happens if I miss a payment?

It is very important that you make your payments by the due date else charges will be levied & your credit report will get affected
Your vehicle could be repossessed if payments are not received in a timely manner. Legal proceedings may also be initiated against you.
For further information, please refer to the detailed terms & conditions of your agreement

21. Can I change my bank account from which I repay my loan?

Yes, you can change your Bank account anytime during the tenor of your loan. You are required to submit a fresh NACH mandate form along with a cancelled cheque copy of the bank from which you wish to repay your loan, and 1st page of the bank account which has the bank details
Note: Swapping charges as per schedule of charges will be applicable

22. Can I make a cash payment? How much cash can I deposit at a time?

Yes. You can make a cash payment. However, we encourage you to make online payments. Please note that as per Income Tax Act, we will not accept cash more than Rs 1,99,000 in a single day & against a single EMI of your loan account. These limits shall also apply to direct cash deposit into our bank accounts. Cash payments can be deposited in any of the TMF branches https://bit.ly/2P1zJF7 OR any SBI branches

23. How do I make a payment using the UPI option?

To view demo on how to pay using the UPI option. Click on https://bit.ly/3cqa9lw

24. Which all Credit Bureaus does TMF(Tata Motors Finance ) report customer loan details to?

TMF reports your loan details to CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited), Equifax, Experian & CRIF (Credit Information Services)

25. How do I generate my CIBIL report?

CIBIL report can be generated by visiting the credit bureau website

26. Can I generate my CIBIL report from Paisa Bazaar?

TMF does not report your loan  details to Paisa Bazaar. We suggest you  approach any of Credit Bureaus mentioned above

27. Can I change the DPD(Days Past Dues) or charges reflecting in your credit bureau report ?

TMF reports your payment status & history to the Credit Bureaus once a month.  We will be unable to change the DPD or charges reflecting in CIBIL

28. My Cibil report shows a TMF loan which I have never taken. What do I do?

As a process, TMF reports details of only their customers to Credit Bureaus. In case you are neither a borrower/co-borrower/guarantor of any TMF loan and despite this, TMF loan details are reflecting in your CIBIL report, we suggest that you re- generate your report by entering complete details i.e. Your Full name, fathers name, date of birth, complete address, area pin code, all available KYC details i.e.. Your Pan no., Voter id, Aadhar number, driving license number, passport number, ration card number, telephone numbers, cell numbers (Ideally you should not leave any input field blank). This will ensure only relevant loan details belonging to you, would appear.
Despite this, if the TMF loan still appears please mail the CIBIL report (including the 1st page with control no. and all your KYC details, DOB mentioned) along with your KYC document copies (those seen on the report) to us at customercare@tmf.co.in . This will help us to take up with the Credit Bureau.

29. If I have settled my loan with TMF, will the amount waived by TMF reflect in my credit bureau report?

Any contract value waived during loan settlement /termination will continue to appear in your  credit bureau report

30. Can I pre-close/foreclose my loan ?

Yes, you can foreclose your loan. A pre-closure charge of 4.15% of the future  outstanding Principal amount of the loan or Rs.5150/-whichever is higher is applicable

31. Why are you charging pre-closure charges? As per RBI directive, there are no charges for pre-closure

As per RBI , pre-closure charges are not applicable for "floating interest rate " loans. All TMF loans are "fixed interest rate " loans, hence preclosure charges are applicable

32. What is the amount I need to pay if I wish to preclose/foreclose my loan?

View the preclosure amount post logging to our website: www.tmf.co.in or Mobile app Android phone users: https://goo.gl/n9JRAH & iPhone users: https://apple.co/33bqrsD. You may pay the foreclosure amount through any of our online payment options.
Note: PMT(Pre-Mature Termination) amount will change on a daily basis and subject to clearance of EMI if any).

33. My loan is terminated. When can I get my NOC (No Objection Certificate)

To request for the NOC, please visit your home branch along with a valid identity proof once the loan is terminated

34. After I have repaid the entire loan, how do I remove the hypothecation from the Registration Certificate?

Once your finance has been closed, the finance provider will provide you the following documents to remove hypothecation from your Registration Certificate:
- NOC will be given for your Regional Transport Office (RTO) and your Auto Insurance Company
- Original Form 35
These documents have to be submitted at your local RTO office along with a fee for removal of the hypothecation
Note: Your NOC will not get generated automatically incase your RC is not updated in our records or there are dues pending in your loan account(s) or any of your group loan account (s).

35. What is the validity of the NOC (No objection Certificate)

NOC is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. You need to submit the NOC to the respective RTO within the validity period to remove TMF hypothecation from your  RC (Registration Certificate)

36. How do I apply for duplicate NOC?

For the issuance of a duplicate NOC, Rs. 520 will be applicable. You may pay the said amount using our online payment options. Refer Q2 under payments tab for details or visit your nearest TMF branch to pay the same. To locate your nearest Branch, Click here https://bit.ly/2P1zJF7

37. How do I revalidate my NOC?

Submit the original NOC at your nearest TMF branch

38. What are the various Self service channels ?

You can access your loan details 24*7 through our Mobile App / Website . Download  Mobile app from  Play store/Apple Store by typing ' TATA Motors Finance - Customer One'. Alternatively, you can click on the below mentioned link to download the same. Android phone users: https://goo.gl/n9JRAH  &  iPhone users:  https://apple.co/33bqrsD. Access our customer portal on www.tmf.co.in. 

39. How do I login to the Mobile App / Customer portal through website?

1. Login with your Registered Mobile number. You will get an OTP to verify. Alternately, login with your 10 digit Customer ID and password provided during loan inception. In case you do not remember your password, click on "Forgot Password" and the same will be sent to your registered mobile number.
Important: Please make sure that your current mobile number is always registered with us

40. What information can I access from the Website after logging in?

You can view the following details 24*7 once you login successfully
-Loan Account information
-Welcome Kit
-EMI schedule
-Pay EMI
-Statement of Account
-Repayment schedule
-Pre-closure statement
-Insurance policy (Chola Mandalam & Magma)
-Register OR view status of query /complaint
-Grievance redressal

41. Can I download the statement of account from the mobile App/Website


42. How do I raise a query/concern through the mobile app?

Post login, Click on the 'Customer Care' tab under 'Contact Us' and register your query/concern. Please enter your email ID so that our customer care executive can revert with the details on the same 

43. How do I track the status of the query/concern registered?

To track the status of the query/concern registered, click on the ''Customer Care' tab under 'Contact Us'' tab 

44. Can I make a payment through the Mobile App?

Yes, you can pay using the app. Click on the 'Pay EMI' tab

45. What is Insurance Provision?

Incase you have opted for Insurance Provision, total amount towards subsequent renewals of insurance policy will be included in your monthly instalments. TMF will facilitate in renewal of the Insurance Policy and arrange to send the renewed policy for subsequent years well in advance before the expiry date, for a period equivalent to no of years provision taken in your loan. Policy renewal is subject to your loan being non-delinquemt at the time of renewal

46. How is the total provision amount derived?

Total Provision amount for subsequent years is derived based on your first year insurance premium and / or prevailing market rate for insurance of your vehicle. Any excess/ shortfall arising due to difference between actual premium vis a vis provision will be adjusted to your loan account. You will need to pay the difference immdiately on receipt of renewed insurance policy, if there is any shortfall as a result of lesser provision amount

47. My insurance policy hasn’t been renewed by TMF despite having taken an Insurance Provision?

TMF will block the renewal of the insurance policy if your loan has an overdue over 4 months. You are required to clear the outstanding on your loan account immediately. For further details, you may contact us through any of the communication channels

48. Where do I submit my renewed insurance policy incase I have not opted for insurance Provision?

You may send us a copy of the renewed insurance policy via email to customercare@tmf.co.in (from registered email ID) or through our Mobile App
Note: the renewed insurance policy should have ' TATA Motors Finance Limited' / 'Tata Motors Finace Solutions Limited' i.e financiers hypothecation, as the case may be

49. Can I access/download the insurance policy renewed for my loan account?

Yes, currently you can access or download the Insurance Policy renewed from Chola Mandalam & Magma through our website post logging in

50. I wish to cancel the insurance renewed by TMF as I have taken Insurance policy from outside?

To cancel the insurance Policy renewed by TMF, you need to submit the copy of the insurance policy renewed at your end for the current Financial Year along with TMF hypothecation to customercare@tmf.co.in or through our Mobile App.
Post receipt of the policy, we shall arrange to cancel the policy renewed by TMF & credit the Insurance Provision amount to your loan account or refund the amount to you.

Note: Refund would be given in the name in which the loan agreement is booked with us.
Refund will be made post adjusting the outstanding balance, if any, in the loan account.

51. I do not want TMF to renew the Insurance Policy as I would like to renew it on my own?

To stop renewal of the insurance policy for your loan account, you need to place a request through the various communication channels available at least one month prior to the Insurance Renewal date. Pls do clearly mention the Financial Year(s) you wish to stop Insurance Policy renewal.
Note: Post placing a request, you are requested to submit the copy of the policy renewed at your end to enable us update it in our records.

52. My vehicle has met with an accident/stolen?

If your vehicle has met with an accident/ stolen, you are requested to submit the copy of the following documents
1. FIR 2. Insurance Policy 3. Claim Type 4. Claim estimated amount 5. Claim No. 6. Date of accident/theft 7. Voucher / Insurance Co. Letter / Mail revert copy

Note: As per the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, you are requested to pay the EMI until the settlement of your claim from the Insurance Company.

53. The vehicle usage/vehicle no./nominee name/ seating arrangement/weight/fuel type /ton is incorrectly mentioned in the renewed insurance Policy. What should I do?

You are requested to bring it to TMFs notice through any of the communication channels along with your RC & Insurance Policy copy. TMF will take it up with the Insurance company for rectification of the requisite details.

Note: If there are any changes/modifications that need to be done on an existing policy, it can only be done in a way of an endorsement since the original policy cannot be modified. A copy of endorsement will be shared with you post rectification

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