Bills Rights
Bills Rights
Bills Rights

Consumer Bill of Rights

The Success of every organization leans on its foundations of trust, transparency and the consistency of value that it can bring to its customers. To this end, we formulated a ‘Bill Of Rights’ that outlines our Promises and Commitment to our Customers.

Dear Customer,

As a patron of Tata Motors Finance Limited, you shall have these rights

Information On Products & Services, Terms & Conditions

  • Information

    RIGHT NO 1


    in a language preferred & understood by you on all material aspects of the deal.

  • Accurate & timely disclosure

    RIGHT NO 2

    Accurate & timely disclosure

    of all terms & conditions including material terms such as Interest rate, charges & fees.

  • Ask for & receive all updated information

    RIGHT NO 3

    Ask for & receive all updated information

    on your loan account through email / website query or letters.

Loan sanction, documentation and disbursements

  • Be treated without discrimination

    RIGHT NO 4

    Be treated without discrimination

    on the basis of gender, race or religion.

  • Know the terms

    RIGHT NO 5

    Know the terms

    of all terms & conditions including material terms such as Interest rate, charges & fees.

  • Know the status

    RIGHT NO 6

    Know the status

    of your loan application, not later than 21 days from the date of submission of requisite documents.

  • Refuse payment

    RIGHT NO 7

    Refuse payment

    without a valid official receipt for any or all amounts paid towards your loan account.

Loan servicing & closure

  • Seek assistance

    RIGHT NO 8

    Seek assistance

    Write, call or visit any of the branches of the company & speak to TMFL authorised representatives to discuss in person, seek assistance on services offered / availed.

Feedback & complaints

  • Right to be heard

    RIGHT NO 9

    Right to be heard

    To provide feedback & suggestion on products, services or processes through letters, email, toll free number or website.

  • Right to complain & escalate

    RIGHT NO 10

    Right to complain & escalate

    Register a complaint, receive a reference number and seek escalation of the complaint within the company in case the complaint is not fully redressed to your satisfaction in a fair, transparent and reasonable manner.


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