Life at TMF

Life at TMF

Agility, Empathy, Synergy, Transparency, and Integrity are the core values that drive us at TMF.

At Tata Motors Finance, various organisational interventions help us drive a high-performance work culture. We call ourselves ‘The Wolfpack’, which is an inspiration for employees to work collectively as a team with high passion, seamless collaboration, and with the zeal to win, under the collective theme of ‘Working together, hunting together, winning together, standing together & growing together’.

Our concept of the Wolfpack Family came into being in 2017, with an aim to continuously build a conducive work environment and culture, where becoming a champion is inevitable! The concept emphasised the traits we needed in our teams, so we can adapt according to challenging times and the changing dynamics, equipping ourselves to be an agile and strong team. The concept of the Wolfpack family paves the way to developing trust and faith in leadership and collective ownership and belongingness amongst employees.

We believe that a healthy employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is a productive employee. If everyone stays true to their health goals, then as an organisation, we get fit!

Our wellness approach is called “Active+” and the initiatives under this program focus on encouraging employees to lead an “active” life.

#TMFisFit – a flagship wellness program which focuses on the overall well-being of our employees i.e. our Wolfpack. This is done by creating awareness and facilitating an active life in an engaging manner. Employees are encouraged to work as teams to achieve individual health goals. Marathons, meditation, yoga, fitness challenges, health check-ups, digital coaches who help employees reach their fitness goals.

At Tata Motors Finance, we encourage employees to commit to their overall well-being, both mental and physical, to lead a sustainable and healthy life.

While we work hard, we do not miss out on enjoying at work either! Our employee engagement initiative called “TGIF & Shandaar Shaniwaar” ensures that there is something for each and everyone one of us to look forward to. We regularly celebrate festivals which encourage synergy and camaraderie amongst our people. We also celebrate special moments like employee weddings, academic successes of our employees’ children, Women’s Day, etc. 

Our L&D (Learning and Development) focus is on building capabilities through blended learning roadmaps that include e-learning, micro mobile learning application, and structured learning interventions. We aim to create a strong leadership pipeline by encouraging, training, and grooming our leaders to scale up and take on higher roles. To build a culture of continuous learning, we enhance the functional & technical skills of our employees through in-house learning experts, ‘Dronas’.

Innovation and creativity are amongst our core values and with our structured TMF innovation program, we drive a culture of “Ideate & Contribute” and encourage out-of-the-box ideas that can contribute to strengthening the pipeline of improvement/innovative projects for the future.

Careers at TMF

TMF focuses on achieving business outcomes by aligning, coaching, empowering, and inspiring our employees, for whom excellence is not just a word but a way of life. Our workforce meets customer needs, delivers customer value, and develops trusted partnerships. Tata Motors Finance is committed to attracting, motivating, and retaining individuals of the highest calibre and potential.

Through our hiring policy, we seek employees who can assimilate not only with our business objectives but also with the culture of the organisation. Given the company’s thrust on competence development, we concentrate more on sourcing “competencies” rather than candidates.

Just as a company looks at attracting the best candidates, people too need a good fit in terms of personality and work culture in order to meet their professional goals. Keeping this in mind, we leave no stone unturned in making TMF a fabulous place to work at and help cultivate your ambitions. We groom talent from an early stage and focus on providing everyone with an equal opportunity of mentorship and guidance so as to be able to learn and grow as against simply work.

“Go the Extra Mile” is the bedrock of the enabling culture at TMF as we strive for excellence and set new standards in all that we do.

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