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At Tata Motor Finance, our community impact initiatives are built around being good corporate citizens. We are committed to the betterment of the environment and the upliftment of under privileged sections of society.

Our objective is to be a socially responsible corporate aiming to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. We have 3 pillars in our sustainability framework. “ThinkGreen”, “iCare” and “ImpACT”.


Uddan is one of our flagship girl child – Adolescence to Livelihood projects. We have two project under this program, one at Bhandara in Maharashtra and the second one at Joynagar in West Bengal.Our targeted initiatives under this project are around the holistic development of the girl child. The focus is clearly on the spectrum – Adolescence to Livelihood. In this program we have enrolled around 3000 girls in each location. Holistic development, remedial learning, scholarships and livelihood training forms an integral part of the overall framework of the project.

Think Green

Under “ThinkGreen” our initiatives are focused on environmental impact. Our community and societal impact initiatives are driven under “iCare”. Employee volunteering forms an integral part of the overall framework and we use the same to drive these initiative as TMF. “ImpACT” stands for it is “IMPortant to ACT”. Volunteering is an integral part of Tata Group’s culture and we encourage our employees to participate in initiatives supporting social causes and environment.

At TMF, our engagement initiatives are also aligned to employee volunteering and we regularly encourage employees to take time out and volunteer. Our employees clocked 5336 hours of volunteering in FY 16-17. We ensure to give it back to the society while we celebrate festivals like Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Daan Utsav etc. We support and actively participate in Tata Sustainability Group’s initiatives like ProEngage and Tata Volunteering Week which encourages employee to volunteer for social causes.

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