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TMF has seen steady growth right from its birth, and is today, an award winning financial company. Here is an illustrated timeline of our progress over the years.

  • Milestone
  • Milestone
  • Milestone
  • Milestone
  • Milestone
  • Milestone
  • 1957 Bureau of Hire Purchase & Credit (BHPC) formed for financing TML commercial vehicles.
  • 1984 Tata Finance Limited (TFL) formed and starts financing vehicles.
  • 2003 BHPC and TFL share a common marketing platform for synergy.
  • 2005
  • 2006 TML Financial Services Limited (TMLFSL) is born as a spinoff from decades old TMF- TMLFSL, a new Company, was incorporated on June 1, 2006 as a wholly owned subsidiary of TML. Besides new business, it was also managing old book of TFL (2000 code)
  • 2007 TMLFSL is renamed TMFL (Tata Motors Finance Limited) and fast becomes India's largest finance company for Tata Motors products in India.
  • 2013 Insurance Cross sell launched to diversify into non fund based business
  • 2014 Launched Used Commercial Vehicle Finance.
  • 2015 Tata Motors Finance Solutions Limited (TMFSL) formed as a 100% subsidiary of TMFL to venture into new businesses.Corporate Lending department was established
  • 2016 Acquire Sheba Properties Limited (S.P.L) as a subsidiary.
  • 2017 S.P.L. takes over the New Vehicle Finance business.
    S.P.L becomes TMFL.
    Erstwhile TMFL becomes TMFHL.
    Erstwhile TMFHL becomes CIC.

TMF is now roaring along the highway to success, determined to keep the momentum going, and to zip past many more milestones in the years to come!

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