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Life at TMF

At TMF, our core values drive us and the way we do business. The propelling force i.e. our core values are – Agility, Empathy, Synergy,Transparency & Integrity. 

Our organization’s culture is in line to the overall culture driven by our Tata Group. Our employees play a pivotal role in defining who we are as an organization.

Our organization’s culture is truly performance oriented and we call ourselves as a “WolfPack”. This “WolfPack” believes in working together, hunting together and winning together. Drive for results and collaboration and synergy plays a dynamic role in contributing to the overall organizational culture. Our behavioural DNA is governed by our Success Factors – behavioural competencies. Every individual is expected to exhibit the success factors our attaining individual success which will culminate to achieving overall organizational success.

While the key focus is on performance, we create a conducive environment which enables our employees to deliver results. Our employee initiatives focus on building synergy in an engaging manner and making the workplace a fun place to work and achieve goals – individual & organizational.

We believe that a healthy employee is a happy employee, and a productive employee. If each one owns up our health goals, then as an organization we get fit! Our wellness initiative is called “Active Plus”. The initiatives under this program focuses on encouraging employees to lead an “active” life. #TMFisFit is our flagship wellness program which focuses on overall wellbeing of our employees- our wolf pack. The focus in on creating awareness and facilitating an active life in an engaging manner. Employees are encouraged to work as teams to achieve individual health goals. Marathons, Mediation, Yoga, Fitness challenges, Health Check-ups, digital coach who helps work on fitness goals, fitness sessions at workplace, sports tournament etc. form an interesting part on this program. At TMF, we encourage employee to commit to their overall wellbeing – both mental and physical wellbeing leading to a sustainable healthy life.

We encourage employees to own up their goals and facilitate an environment which powers then to achieve the individual and team goals. This creates a sense of ownership and makes us proactive and we are always geared for “going the extra mile”. Our performance oriented culture ensures that we reward and recognize our employees’ contribution in a timely manner. We ensure to support our employees with the right skills and resources to achieve success.

While we work hard, we do not miss out on enjoying at work! Our employee engagement initiatives called “UmangPlus” ensures that there is something for each one of us to rejoice at work. We regularly celebrate festivals which encourages synergy and camaraderie amongst our people. We also celebrate special moments like employee wedding, academic success of our employees’ children, women’s day, family picnics where we also involve our extended family i.e the family members of our employees. All in all, we celebrate together and ensure that our work environment facilitates collaboration and helps us build synergy which helps us perform better.

Our L&D (Learning and Development) focus is to build capability through blended learning roadmaps including e-learning , micro mobile learning application and structured learning interventions. We aim to create a strong leadership pipeline by encouraging, training and grooming our leaders to scale-up and take on higher roles. To build a culture of continuous learning, we enhance functional & technical skills of our employees through in-house learning experts ‘Dronas’.

Innovation and creativity are amongst our core values and with our structured TMF innovation program, we encourage the habit of thinking and drive a culture of “Ideate & Contribute “ across the country to quickly jump on to bandwagon of thinking out of the box ideas which can contribute towards pipeline of improvement / innovative projects for future.

Employee Programmes & Initiatives

  • Living Well
  • Active
  • GEM
  • Shine
  • Innovista
  • Big Tiffin
A program that encourages employee excellence by enabling a sense of ownership of projects, proactiveness, a ‘can do’ attitude and suggestions for improving the organisation. Under GEM, awards are given to employees who have made a difference by going the extra mile in the organization.
All employee celebrations and team activities like the annual Diwali celebration, Big Tiffin, Cultural programs, Birthday celebrations, Christmas, and New Year celebrations are part of Umang.
Employees who have performed consistently well over the entire year are felicitated under Shine Plus.
This is a yearly event. Employees from various Tata companies are encouraged to submit innovative ideas to a common pool of ideas. This initiative is meant to foster a spirit of innovation and recognize innovative minds within the Tata Group.
A fun team activity carried out at our offices, wherein employees bring a big dabba of food to share and eat together in the cafeteria.
Employee Programmes Initiative
Employee Programmes
Employee Initiative
Emp Programmes
Emp Initiative
Active 57929
Active 45019
Active 585931
Active 96736
Active 92142
Active 950587
Active 637668
Active 700043
Active 78475
Umang 35887
Umang 089367
Umang 98169
Umang 084847
Umang 225199
Umang 45494
Umang 97510
Umang 55135
Umang 45185
Umang 184436
Umang 632064
Umang 539710
Umang 32222
Umang 052707
Umang 80043
Umang 727769
Umang 092372
Shine 018833
Innovista 30009
Innovista 143986
Innovista 653009
Innovista 741291
Innovista 87635
Big Tiffin 81188
Big Tiffin 678161
Big Tiffin 970635
Big Tiffin 97230

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