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Fuel Loan

Now unload your burden of the diesel Expenses and ease your working capital needs tremendously. Along with leading oil companies, Tata Motors Finance presents a unique offering to our esteemed customers to ensure smooth operations of their vehicle.

Avail the revolving credit limit facility and get many benefits:

  1. Instant approval and setting of credit limit
  2. Purchase of diesel and lubricant at any HPCL or IOCL outlet across India.
  3. Cashless purchase of diesel or lubricant. No need to give cash to drivers or carry cash!!!!
  4. Complete digital transaction from your smartphone
  5. Fill diesel or buy lubricant and enjoy credit of up to 45 days
  6. Low Interest Rate
  7. Cash Back Offer

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  1. What is Fuel Facility?
  2. Fuel Facility is a working capital facility offered to Tata Motors Finance Customers for the purpose of buying diesel and lubricant only.

  3. What are the advantages of availing the Fuel Facility?
  4. With this facility the customer does not have to carry cash in the vehicle to purchase diesel. The facility also helps the customer ease their working capital requirement. The Facility enables the customer to easily purchase diesel and monitor their fuel related expenses. It also offers various benefits such as Cardless transaction, Cashback offer, etc

  5. How is interest calculated?
  6. Interest shall be calculated on the day end balance or utilization.

  7. Can I fill fuel from anywhere?
  8. Fuel can be purchased from either HPCL & IOCL outlet across the country

  9. Can I withdraw money from the Cashback?
  10. Cashback amount is credited into your Fuel Card in the form of reward points, which can be redeemed to purchase fuel and lubricants only.

  11. How do I recharge my fuel card?
  12. The customer needs to login to Customer One application and make a request for recharge. The entire control is in the hands of the customer and all transactions are OTP validated.

  13. How do I purchase fuel at the pump?
  14. Once the money is transferred to the fuel card, cashless payment can be done at the pump. The payment at the pump is again highly secured and is OTP backed.

  15. How can I track my fuel consumption?
  16. Every time fuel refill is done in your vehicle, an odometer reading is captured. This helps you in easy tracking of your fuel expenses.

  17. What if I wish to refill my tank in late hours?
  18. You can avail this facility 24*7.

  19. Do I have to visit Tata Motors Finance branch to avail this facility?
  20. This is an online product and you do not have to visit Tata Motors Finance Branch to avail this facility. You can apply for this by clicking here.

  21. Where can I see my Fuel purchase details?
  22. Fuel purchase details can be viewed in detail on your customer one app statement section.

  23. I have 20 trucks, can I avail this facility for all my trucks?
  24. If you meet the criteria, then you can set limit for each vehicle.

  25. What is my billing cycle?
  26. Your billing cycle will be from 1st to either 30th/ 31st of the month.

  27. How many days do I get to make the repayment?
  28. 15 days from the date of bill generation. Bill shall be generated on the 1st of every month for the previous month utilization and the bill shall be made available at the customer one application. No physical bills shall be sent to the customer

  29. How do I make the repayment?
  30. You can make the repayment of the bill amount through the customer one application using UPI or any other payment mode. Alternatively you can also deposit cash the nearest TMF office. Kindly note that the entire payment of the billed amounts should be made on or before 15th of every month

  31. What else can I purchase other than Diesel?
  32. You can purchase fuel and lubricants.

  33. How can I avail this facility?
  34. Click on the below link to avail the facility and share your details


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